The Ontario Arts Council Rocks!

The Ontario Arts Council has been a generous supporter of writers in the Thessalon area since 2009. More than that, the OAC has supported Stories in the North for the past three years in bringing nationally recognized authors to our town.

Stories in the North would be a shadow of itself were it not for grants given by the OAC’s annual juried granting process. The juries are made up of our peers. We have used this money to pay local people for help and to encourage the work of writers in our area.

If you, dear reader, are an Ontario tax-payer, please support our province’s arts funding so that initiatives like Stories in the North can continue!

John Degen, the OAC’s former literature officer, has said some very nice things about our festival’s contribution to our community:

“I predict the addition of the new Stories in the North festival will make Thessalon a regular destination for readers and writers.”

Thank you, Ontario Arts Council!